Walk, Ride, Share

Reduce School Traffic Program

Walk, Ride, Share – Reduce School Traffic Program

Have you noticed less congested roads during the school holidays?

What if this could happen all year round?

About the Walk, Ride, Share Program

This program has been created by Barker Ryan Stewart, with Largs Public School and Pretty Beach Public School selected to take part in our pilot program. We aim to reduce traffic congestion around these schools during peak times, by encouraging students to walk, cycle, carpool or catch public transport to and from school. We believe the ‘Walk Ride Share – Reduce School Traffic Program’ can assist in achieving a 25% reduction in traffic over the 2 week period that the program will run.

The pilot program will be held from Monday 21 August – Friday 1 September 2017 (Weeks 6 – 7 of Term 3).

Goals and Benefits of Walk, Ride, Share

Our goal is to create a 2 week national ‘car holiday’. It’s ambitious, but if we encourage every school in Australia to join in, we can significantly reduce traffic congestion on our roads at peak times. Some of the great benefits include:

  • Reducing traffic congestion on our roads and around school zones;
  • Creating faster commutes to and from workplaces for the local community;
  • Encouraging walking or cycling to be the transport mode of choice for short trips;
  • Encouraging children and families to include regular exercise into their daily routine;
  • Promoting road safety awareness;
  • Environmental benefits through reducing air-polluting emissions.

For taking part in the initiative and encouraging students to rethink their commute, Barker Ryan Stewart is donating $1,500 to each school taking part.

Largs Public School will be using this program as a fundraising initiative and accepting additional donations. If you would like to support Largs Public School by way of donation, please use the link below.

If your school is interested in taking part in the Walk, Ride, Share – Reduce School Traffic Program please contact us to register your interest.

Support Schools To Make A Change

Largs PS Walk Ride Share

Largs Primary School

Largs Primary School is a small school focussed on the success and educational development of all children. Skilled teachers are committed to delivering an excellent education in a friendly environment that encourages student responsibility and respect for others.

Pretty Beach PS Walk Ride Share

Pretty Beach Public School

Within a caring, collaborative and respectful learning community, each individual student at Pretty Beach Public School is enabled to achieve personal excellence, become a lifelong learner and be a responsible citizen of the world.

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