OUr Team - Robert Day

Robert Day

Traffic and Transport Manager


  • Advanced Certificate (Traffic & Transport)
    Sydney University
  • Diploma in Government (Policy Development)
    Sydney University
  • Level 3 Road Safety Auditor



  • Traffic Engineering
  • Road Safety Auditing

Robert Day is a Traffic and Transport Manager with 35 years’ experience in road design, traffic and transport planning, management of traffic and road safety engineering projects, intersection modelling and road safety auditing. This experience has been gained primarily in local and state government positions in NSW and, from 2015 to 2017, as a consultant and government employee in Fiji.

His project experience has included detailed design of road and stormwater infrastructure, strategic planning of road networks and intersections, investigation, analysis and design of road safety and traffic management projects, the leadership of road safety audit teams for major road infrastructure projects and development of road safety engineering policies for the NSW government.  He also has 14 years’ experience in reviewing traffic impact assessment reports for land use development proposals. He is an experienced traffic modeller with particular expertise with SIDRA software for intersection and network modelling. Robert is an accredited Lead Road Safety Auditor and is qualified to prepare Work Zone Traffic Management Plans and Traffic Control Plans.

Robert’s experience also includes conducting speed zone reviews over ten years while working for the NSW State Government (RTA now RMS).

Robert has worked predominantly in the public sector with over 20 years’ in NSW local government (Wyong and Gosford Councils) and more than ten years in NSW state government (Roads and Maritime Services (formerly RTA) and Transport for NSW). For nearly two years Robert worked in Fiji, initially for MWH, a global engineering consultant and then as a road safety engineer for the Fiji Roads Authority. Through his experience, he has gained a good knowledge of the approvals processes for land use development applications as well as an intimate understanding of the need for cost-efficient, effective and timely outcomes to traffic and road safety projects.

Robert is a keen bushwalker and enjoys investigating the native flora and fauna in the places that he visits. He also enjoys travelling and learning about other cultures around the world.


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