Strata and Subdivision Certification


Our continued growth has also resulted in Barker Ryan Stewart becoming one of the leaders in subdivision and strata certification in NSW. We have issued over 700 construction, compliance, subdivision and strata subdivision certificates and are the Principal Certifying Authority on a number of major projects with yields ranging from 360 to 7,200 lots.

We have the depth and breadth of experience to meet and drive the outcomes required for our clients.

Our clients that use our private certification (subdivisions and strata) services include publicly listed companies, private developers, consultants and state government authorities.


Our certification services include:

  • Strata Subdivision Certificates
  • Compliance Certificates for civil engineering design and works components of development projects
  • Principal Certifying Authority (subdivisions)
  • Complying Development Certificates for developments identified in Council Development Control Plans (DCPs)
  • Construction Certificates for subdivision works (approval of design plans)
  • Subdivision Certificates for Part 3A Major Projects
  • Compliance Certificates for subdivision works

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