North West Growth Centre

Client: Various
Location: North West Sydney
Duration: 2016 - Present
Status: Ongoing
Services: Various

North West Sydney

Barker Ryan Stewart’s team have been actively involved in the surveying, planning, project management, civil engineering design and construction supervision of land subdivisions throughout NSW.

Our Norwest Business Park office is well positioned to service the growing Sydney North West Region which covers approximately 10,000 hectares across the Hills, Blacktown and Hawkesbury local government areas.  The centre has capacity for 70,000 new dwellings and 200,000 people including three dedicated employment precincts.

We have been fortunate enough in recent years to work closely with our clients on over 30 projects that are delivering more than 2,000 residential subdivision lots, townhouses and multi-level apartments within this growth centre.

Recent subdivision projects completed by Barker Ryan Stewart in Sydney’s North West Growth Sector include:

  • 134 lot residential subdivision and a wetland
  • 84 lot residential subdivision
  • 204 lot residential subdivision – torrens title and community title lots
  • Subdivision and 180 multi-level mixed use apartments
  • Subdivision and 267 townhouse development
  • Subdivision and 257 multi-level residential apartments
  • Subdivision and 252 residential townhouse development
  • Subdivision and 362 multi-level residential apartments
  • Subdivision and 260 multi-level residential apartments

We provide a range of services such as subdivision lot yield analysis, development feasibility, surveying, town planning, project management, civil engineering design, contract administration and construction supervision to Sydney’s South West and North West Growth Sectors, the Central Coast and the Hunter.

If you require any assistance with your subdivision projects contact us today and let us know about your development or to speak with one of our team directly, please contact Glenn Barker on 02 9659 0005 for Sydney projects, for your Central Coast projects contact Ian Stewart on 02 4325 5255 or for your Hunter projects please contact Anthony Scott on 02 4966 8388.

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