Muswellbrook Residential Subdivision

Client: Bathla Group
Location: Muswellbrook
Duration: August 2018 - Current
Status: Ongoing
Services: Surveying & Civil Engineering

Located next door to Eastbrook Links Estate, Barker Ryan Stewart have been engaged by Bathla Group to provide surveying and civil engineering design services for a 500+ lot residential subdivision for Stages 16-18 and Stages 19-32.

To assist the civil design process for roads, earthworks, stormwater, sewer and water design, our survey team have conducted external boundary detailed survey and updated the existing survey model including two existing entry roads both named Wright Circuit for Stages 16-18. An external boundary survey for Stages 19-32 has also been completed to determine this part of the site including preparation of preliminary survey model using existing survey information and external lidar data with GNSS ground truthing. From the survey model, we have produced a slope analysis plan to assist with decision making.

Survey fieldwork was undertaken using a Trimble S5 Robotic theodolite with a Trimble R10 GNSS Rover using the NSW CORRS network.

The civil design works are currently underway to assist the development application, creating approximately 109 residential lots for Stages 16-18 and approximately 400+ residential lots for Stages 19-32. Barker Ryan Stewart has been engaged for the concept designs.

The full scope of services will include:

  • Detailed Survey
  • Road and Drainage Design including, On-Site Detention and WSUD, Bulk Earthworks and Retaining Wall
  • Water and Sewer Design

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