Client: LWP Group
Location: Huntlee
Duration: 2013 - Present
Status: Ongoing
Services: Private Certification & RMS Verification


Private Certification & RMS Verification

Huntlee is an exciting development near Branxton NSW. Being the first new town to be built in the Hunter region within the past 50 years, the end result will be a town close to the size of Singleton and located only 45 minutes away from Newcastle.

The project plan will initially create up to 5,700 residential dwellings in four distinctive villages, with planned room for population growth. It will also include a 200ha mixed use town centre/downtown district catering for a range of retail, commercial, primary and secondary education uses as well as up to 1,700 downtown dwellings, a recreation lake and a sporting oval.

Huntlee is offering a community based living to the residents who will settle in the new town by followings its four pillars of community; by offering the best in community living, providing a foundation for residents to stay connected, active and healthy, enhancing the natural environment of the Huntlee location and by creating local employment and business opportunities as the town grows and thrives.

Subdivision works on the first village of Huntlee, Katherines Landing, are now complete with homes being built and families already moving in to the fresh suburb. Katherines Landing is offering up a large range of lots and is located east to the entry road, Wine Country Drive, and close to the town centre. Works are now underway to the town centre and nearing completion of stage one so that building can commence soon on some of the exciting retail opportunities.

Barker Ryan Stewart has been engaged by the LWP Property Group as the Principal Certifying Authority for the subdivision works for Huntlee. We have also been providing RMS Verification services to the entry road, Wine Country Drive. We have been involved with Huntlee since the beginning and it has been exciting to watch the town grow.

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