Harold Park Tramsheds

Client: Mirvac Constructions
Duration: Nov 2012 - Sep 2016
Status: Complete
Services: Private Certification

Harold Park Tramsheds

Private Certification

Historical Harold Park Tramsheds Given a New Life

The Harold Park Tramsheds development is located only three kilometres from the Sydney CBD and is a reconstruction of the former paceway and historic Rozelle Tram sheds which was originally built in 1904, the project was run by the development company Mirvac with an approximate development size of 10 hectares. The aim was to transform this icon into a communal hub of food vendors, retail outlets, living spaces, and area for artisans and educators. This was done by restoring the exterior depot and upgrading the inside to a retail precinct, and adding 12 residential towers, including basement parking, and open space precincts including a main park and pocket parks between the towers.

The build proved to be complicated at times with many trades having to work over the top of one another and numerous contractors being engaged for various phases of the project, but came together in the end to produce a unique and admirable building. There was complex work involved to retain historical features such as refurbishing the exterior façade’s old charm, the inclusion of the tram rails within the design and the difficult placement of an original restored tram which had to be lifted carefully into the retail precinct space through the newly placed depot window fronts.

The Harold Park Tramsheds development was completed in September 2016 and is now thriving as a popular destination for all types of community members due to its wide range of public offerings for foodies, retail seekers and art lovers. Barker Ryan Stewart provided certification services for the construction of the tram shed access and car park, as well as the earthworks and road and drainage construction surrounding the residential towers.

You can learn more about the Harold Park Tramsheds development by visiting their website www.tramshedsharoldpark.com.au


Featured image supplied by Mirvac


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