Cumberland Council Swim Centre Modernisation Program

Client: Cumberland Council
Location: Various
Duration: Oct 2018 - current
Status: Ongoing
Services: Town Planning, Surveying, Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning

Barker Ryan Stewart was engaged by Cumberland Council for the provision of town planning, surveying, traffic engineering, and a number of sub-consultant services to assist with obtaining approval for the modernisation of four (4) of Council’s Swim Centres.  We are working closely with the project managers APP and the architects NBRS Architecture.

Cumberland Council will invest millions of dollars over the next few years to modernise the swim centres at Wentworthville, Guildford, Granville and Merrylands. The upgrade will help to increase community satisfaction with the Council’s swimming facilities, improve the accessibility of the centres, and contribute to Council’s objective of breaking down cultural barriers within the local community.

Initially over $18 million will be spent this financial year on the renewal and upgrade of Wentworthville and Guildford swim centres. The building works will include the upgrade of the centre’s amenities and accessibility.  In some cases, the upgrades will also include the replacement and addition of a new filtration system.  The approvals to Merrylands and Granville will follow in subsequent years as budgeted by Council.

The full scope of services includes:

  • Approvals through either the development application or review of environmental factors
  • Detail survey of each site
  • Construction management (including waste and traffic management)
  • Heritage impact assessment for Granville Swim Centre
  • Traffic and parking impact assessment
  • Management of various sub-consultants (including arborists, acoustic engineers, Aboriginal archaeologists and ecologists)

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