The BRS Office Health and Wellbeing Challenge

Barker Ryan Stewart on September 15, 2016

BRS Health and Wellbeing Challenge

Nothing like a little “healthy” competition in the office

Over the next quarter BRS is looking to implement the ‘Get Healthy at Work’ program and is committed to making our workplace a healthier one. As an introduction to this, BRS set up an office Health & Wellbeing Challenge leading into this year’s conference in early September. The challenge ran for the week prior to the conference with an incentive of prizes for each category.

The measurable physical challenges were:

  • Number of daily steps & stairs climbed (recorded on a Fitbit or iPhone)
  • Daily exercise minutes
  • Healthy meals per day
  • Hours of sleep
  • Brain Games using Lumosity, which is an app of brain stimulation games
  • Water intake of 250ml per glass


There was also an option to add bonus points for completing the mental health section – under the sections ‘today I will succeed by’, ‘I’m grateful for’ and ‘act of kindness’ and could be put towards one of the challenges.

The entire BRS team jumped into action with some rising early for sunrise walks and others stepping up by walking to work for the week. The water cooler had never seen so much action by being used to add up that water intake and there was a smorgasbord of delicious healthy meals being created in the lunchrooms across all the offices.  We could see a lot better rested people with sparkles in their eyes from undertaking those brain games and having improved sleep patterns (some even contemplating a desk nap to catch a few extra Z’s for the challenge).

All in all it was great to see all the BRS team take part in the health and wellbeing challenge and evaluate their current health and wellbeing practices to find out ways they can implement new healthy habits into their working day to make BRS an all-round healthy workplace.

Stay tuned to see how our teams go which are taking part in the “Steptember” challenge of walking 10,000 steps per day to raise funds for the children living with cerebral palsy or better yet why not make a donation.


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Would you like to be part of a healthy workplace?

You can apply to join the BRS team through our careers page.

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